Earth Girl Products

"Re-connecting our natural selves with our natural environment"


Asha  aka " MotherLuv"  is a  holistic practitioner. She is a Licensed Counselor and a Certified Acudetox Specialist.  She is also at Reiki Master  and has a background in Chakra Therapy that deals with the integration and balancing of our core energy centers that affects our development, growth, and emotional health.  Asha  believes in promoting wellness and prevention of illness through holistic and preventive alternatives.  Maintaining a healthy balance of the mind, body, and spirit is the key to holistic health and well being.


My Blessings To All!

Peace is the center of all being. Once we begin to understand the peace within ourselves...the impossible can be achieved by ...being. Peace and Blessings to all that view,touch or purchase the positive vibrations of my  work. If you wear the cowrie earrings, understand the history and wear it with pride and your head hanging high! If you smell my candles, may the peace...tranquility...prosperity...and happiness bless all that the scent may reach! If you wear the copper aware of the healing and spiritual benefits of  this gift from earth !If you utilize the shea butter in any capacity...may the healing properties of God/Goddess's Earth Bless You!




"The beauty of art is being able to express words, feelings, emotions, through a simple vision!"